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At The Crossroads

There’s a reason Backwater Bay exists at a crossroads.

The crossroads is a matrix in which collective imagination begins to take on definition and gather strength. It is an intersection where many different paths, experiences, histories, and bodies of knowledge converge. Where seeming opposites may encounter each other in new ways. Where boundaries between the material world and the world of dreams and visions are permeable. A locus where meetings occur, choices and commitments are made that will affect all of our fates, and movement forward into a new and better future is never guaranteed but always possible.

Here, there is no effort to prescribe a particular political program or exhort you to electoral politics or mire you in the quicksand of dominant political and economic assumptions about what is possible. Backwater Bay encourages you to work toward new social, economic, and ecological relationships. Toward new ways of seeing and relating to work, community, politics, economics, justice, the world – and bringing that fresh perspective into ongoing organizing.

Without new visions, we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down. We not only end up confused, rudderless and cynical, but we forget that making a revolution is not a series of clever maneuvers and tactics, but a process that can and must transform us.

-Robin D. G. Kelly, Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

Transformative change becomes possible when people name what is happening, without trying to deny or diminish the pain and grief that accompany massive harm, hardship, and loss.  When more of us become willing to disrupt and dismantle unjust and oppressive power relationships. And when more of us begin to believe that a radically different, interdependent, and better future is possible.

Perceiving the radical connectivity of all things in fresh ways can become a source of strength, information, and awareness for local work and organizing.

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